About Rune

Rune portrait

Founder and CEO at Lumega Home

Rune is Lumega Home's founder and director. He has a background as an electrical installer and has also taken further training in LED technology from The Semiconductor Institute.

As the founder of Lumega Home, there has been plenty on the palette for Rune – Lumega Home is not the first company founded by Rune. In 2008 he founded the company Lumega, a company that supplies lighting for large lighting projects (B2B). In 2011, his extensive knowledge of LED technology led to the publication of the book 'LED-bogen' and in this connection he has given more than 300 lectures on the subject. This in-depth technical knowledge has been an important element and is the foundation stone for both the foundation of Lumega and its sister company Lumega Home (B2C). Rune has the overall overview of the Lumega Group, which includes both Lumega and Lumega Home, as well as the upcoming company Luxega, which includes street lighting. Although Rune has great responsibility for soon to be three companies, his daily life also consists of tasks such as B2B customer contact, calculations of Lumega's projects for both Danish and foreign customers, as well as inspection thereof.

Rune is not afraid to make big decisions, which is why Lumega Home is where we are today. He dares to take the necessary decisions needed to drive the company forward. Rune is a man who makes things happen and there are always new exciting initiatives on his part. He is good at keeping his employees going and giving them the spirit and motivation to do their best in the company. Rune has been self-employed for many years and therefore has knowledge of virtually all basic processes in Lumega - knowledge that Lumega Home and its employees have been able to make great use of. Rune is an enterprising and imaginative CEO - so there is no doubt that Lumega Home's future will be an exciting journey.


Keywords: LED, Installer, CEO, The LED Book, Lecturer, Lighting Design, Product Development, Production