About Martin

Martin portrait 

Product designer and engineer at Lumega Home


Martin is Lumega Home's internal development engineer. As a graduate engineer in Integrated Design from the University of Southern Denmark, Martin is trained in developing innovative and user-friendly products. With his versatile knowledge and many abilities in product development, Martin has worked with many different product types, including industrial machines, electric scooters and coffee machines.
As a combined designer and engineer, Martin is involved in the products' development right from the first small idea to the day the product is taken out of production. When new products are to be created, there are many aspects that must be taken into account. The products must be of high technical quality, aesthetically beautiful, durable, easy to use and can be disposed of properly. Martin therefore ensures that the products live up to high quality throughout their lifetime.
Martin's primary tasks within the Lumega Group consist of administration and work on large development projects of new lamp designs for Lumega Home and street lighting solutions for the upcoming sister company Luxega. In addition to working with Lumega Homes and Luxega's product portfolio, much of Martin's work also consists of ensuring that our webshop runs as expected and that it is optimized for the best customer experience.
Martin thrives on really big tasks where you have to keep your tongue in your mouth and work versatile. In all tasks, Martin ensures high precision and ensures that all decisions are always made on the best basis. The daily work consists of ensuring that the products live up to expectations, keeping track of sub-suppliers and ensuring that the process for new products stays on track.
Keywords: engineering, product design, development, product development, idea generation, the design process, production, drawing, technical design, website design, user-centered design, production, materials knowledge, 3D, environmental assessment, patent law