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Here you can find answers to some of the questions we often get asked.

We take your goods back with a smile. However, it is important that you send them back in the same packaging as they were received. The process is that you fill out a form which you will find here:  As soon as we receive the package, the amount will be transferred to the credit card from which the money was withdrawn at the time.

Lumega Home can help with shipping to all countries in the world, but the preferred ones are shown below. If the country is not listed below, please send us an mail with which lamps you want, the quantity and the delivery address.


Denmark (collection also possible)








You are very welcome to come and pick up your purchase in person at our address.

Lumega Home
Vesterbrogade 19
1620 Copenhagen

The Lumega Home team is always ready to help you with the right lighting for the home. If you are faced with a major replacement of lamps and solutions, we can uniquely connect you with one of our professional lighting designers. The lighting designer will, in close dialogue with you, deliver a nice report with instructions for where the lamps should be installed to achieve the best result. At the same time, we offer delivery of 3D drawings so that you can get a picture of how the light will look in the interior that is intended to be used in the house.

Lumega Home has selected light sources with an extra warm light. They typically come with a color temperature of 2200K and 2700K. In addition, we have chosen to increase the color reproduction so that food, interior and other things in the room appear with colors as true to nature as possible.

Lumega Home has a close collaboration with selected electrical installers throughout Denmark. They know our lamps and will always go for the right finish. If you do not install the lamps yourself and do not have an electrician in mind, we can always help you in the right direction.

Lumega Home already collaborates with many influencers in Denmark and it would be an honor to get more on board. We therefore recommend that you contact us for a more detailed dialogue on

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