Indoor wall lamps

Round wall lamps can be used for many different purposes – as a calming cozy light, decorative light or reading light. At Lumega Home, we design our wall lamps ourselves. Always with a Nordic touch in mind. Lamps that can be used as wall art that surprises and enlighten. They decorate every room beautifully, as we have an eye for extraordinary design that stands out from the crowd. You can easily integrate Lumega Home's round wall lamps into your interior design. They blend in perfectly with all furniture, are produced in unique materials and at the same time provide a pleasant light.

An important part of your interior design - the wall lamp

Wall lamps are, in contrast to ceiling lamps, much more visible in the room. This means that it can function as a complete part of your interior design. The space requirement is minimal and at the same time the wall lamp creates warm light, which sets the mood in the room and can be placed so that the light is visible on the wall. You can therefore arrange the light to get just the right angle and expression.

A wall lamp must have the right location. A good rule is that the wall lamp is placed approximately 5 cm above eye level, as it will not dazzle you. If it is placed too high on the wall, the light can be annoying to the eye - if it is placed too low, the light will not have the desired effect.

Wall lamps – an overlooked lamp in the home

The wall lamp has really made a comeback after many years on the bench. Colors, patterns, materials, everything that challenges the senses in a good way. The right wall lamp creates aesthetic tones in your home and unifies your decor.

Over time, there have been many trends for the wall lamp. We want to bring back the natural materials. In the middle of an age where the recycling of natural raw materials has an important meaning for our existence, we want to be at the forefront and unite exquisite design and raw materials. That's why we combine different materials to surprise and create lamps that inspire and contribute to creating beautiful homes.