Pendant lamp

Lumega Home's pendant lamps are known for the exquisite designs, distinguished by their fascinating sculptural Scandinavian shapes. The unique, trendy, and modern pendant lamps, also characterized as ceiling lamps, are easy to install and at the same time complete any room - each model in its own way. We specially design and produce pendants in brass, glass, metal, marble, and aluminum. Our modern pendants can be placed above the dining table, at a cozy reading nook or in other places where lighting plays an important role in your home. With us, you will find unique pendant lamps that differ from other pendants through unique design and the amazing Nordic expression.

The pendant lamp creates the atmosphere

Pendant lamps contribute with lighting that creates curiosity and innovation in the home. Depending on the expression you want in the home, the pendant lamp can create a warm or cooler light. And hereby be a lively contributor to the framework of the atmosphere. In practical terms, there are several considerations because a lamp does not work the same in all locations. Then there is the big question about design: Which pendant lamp suits your home best? Fortunately, we have various beautiful and distinctive designs, so you can freely choose and combine as you wish. The modern home can often carry a unique and beautiful pendant light.

Magical lighting in your home with pendant lamps

Light is vital - both for the classic, extraordinary, vintage or the interior design you prefer. The light must be both functional in the home, but equally important; create the common thread in the interior design.

Common to all our pendant lamps is that they consider the lighting experience: Our specially designed light bulbs are made to enhance the lamp's function so that the light fits the location where you place the lamp. The length of the cord is adjustable, so the lamps can be placed at exactly the height you need. If necessary, read our blog post on 'Guide to choosing a dining table lamp'.