Light bulbs

We manufacture light sources ourselves to achieve the perfect light that matches your needs. The LED bulb plays an important role in the development of frugal and environmentally conscious lighting. To ensure top quality for all our customers, we produce specially developed LED bulbs, where the benefits are many. Find several different bulbs with E14 and E27 sockets, which makes it possible for you to find bulbs that match exactly your lamps and the lighting you need.

Lumega Home - manufacturer of quality light bulbs

As specialists in the production of lamps, we do not limit ourselves to just the lamp. We also design and produce light bulbs. With the help of our lighting designers, we have produced light sources that are especially suitable for your purpose. With an emphasis on good craftsmanship, that we have spent many years refining - only the best is good enough for Lumega Home's customers.

The right light source

The choice of a light bulb depends on what it will be used for.

'For example, if you choose a light bulb with warmer lighting, you will get a subdued, pleasant and comfortable lighting.'

This is often used in rooms where a certain atmosphere must be created, such as in the living room, bedroom, children's room, etc.

'On the other hand, the light has a colder tone, it creates very bright light and is therefore suitable for larger lamps that aim to illuminate large areas.'

The colder light tone will more often be beneficial in rooms where something needs to be easier to see. Such as. in the garage, at the entrance to the house, in the office, etc. After all, there are no restrictions - it's entirely up to you which light plays best in your room.

The LED bulb has a high efficiency. The LED is five times as efficient as an incandescent light bulb and three times as efficient as halogen light bulbs. Efficiency is measured based on various parameters and its lifespan can vary from 25,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on how it is maintained. That's why we always recommend LED lighting - it is an environmentally friendly and economical choice.