Table lamps

Table lamps are charming in their own special way. In addition to creating light in the room, our beautiful and trendy table lamps also contribute to the overall look of the home's interior design. Often the lamps are designed to emit limited light in a certain area, which makes them ideal as desk lamps, bedside table lamps, living room lamps etc. The overall impression of a room can be created in many ways – via shapes, colors, patterns and of course lighting. The functionality of the table lamp is practical, but its contribution to the interior design can be unique. Who says you must settle for one table lamp? Match and mix exactly as it suits you.


Multifunctional table lamp – our eternal formula

The different expressions of the table lamps give you the opportunity to create your own personal style. For example, use them to create:
• A cozy atmosphere

• Good working and reading light

• Coherence in the home

Our table lamps are designed and produced with a focus on detail. In a world where everything goes fast, we take the time to create unique and distinctive designs that radiate personality, quality and with a love for the composition of the material. We try to create table lamps that help give a breathing space in your everyday life.

Table lamps that provide unique lighting in your home

At Lumega Home, we surprise you with special designs of table lamps that tie your interior design together. Lighting that creates the right mood depending on what you need the table lamp for.

We produce environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED light sources (light bulbs) that are both beneficial for your finances and the environment. You have the option of choosing exactly how the light bulb will shape the expression of the table lamp with cool or warm lighting. We know that lighting is of great importance for the intertwining between the table lamp itself and the room. Our light bulbs provide phenomenal lighting, which is also very long-lasting.

What purpose should the table lamp have?

Lighting emitted via the table lamp can be very limited. It is therefore an advantage to reflect on what purpose the table lamp should have in your home. For example, if you have a small work area where you don't want to illuminate the rest of the room, table lamps can be used. However, we recommend that the limited light be supplemented with other light sources if you need to create general lighting of the entire room. Table lamps go well with ceiling lamps by illuminating certain surfaces and corners of the room such as sofa corners, on chests of drawers etc. This means that you experience a different mood and a cozy atmosphere at the smaller corners of the room.