Choose the right office lighting and increase productivity

The office is home and the starting point for your company's results. Therefore, it is not a place where you should go lightly and carefree for the interior design and construction. At the same time, the right office lighting has a big impact on the employees' energy level, well-being and therefore performance. You can read more about why in this post, where we will also give examples of some of our favorites when it comes to office lighting.


Therefore, the right office lighting is important

Light is one of the most important factors when it comes to the human ability to produce energy, increase the production of the happiness hormone (serotonin), and achieve a stable ability to concentrate. At the same time, energy, well-being, and concentration are not only important qualities in general, but especially for an employee. Therefore, as an employer, you should also think about maximizing the amount of daylight before constructing your new office environment. Knock down the wall that blocks daylight to the employees in the back of the office and be paid back tenfold in the form of happier and more productive employees. Once you have guaranteed as much daylight as possible, it is time to think about the artificial office lighting. Below you will find recommendations for ceiling lights and table lamps, which should be permanent fixtures in every office.


Skylights for the office environment - function and aesthetics

When it comes to office lighting, it is first and foremost important to have plenty of overhead light for the dark hours and months. Here you can combine spotlights with a couple of beautiful pendants, so that you are both guaranteed lighting for the entire office as well as lamps that are pleasing to the eye. As for elegant, tantalizing lamps for office lighting, we can recommend our Winthers pendant. It is made of brushed brass with a dimmable light source, and the incredibly beautiful design will look good both in entrance and office areas.


No office lighting without table lamps

A gift for every employee with their own desk. After all, it happens that you come in early in the morning or work until late in the evening, where it is nice to have your own light source to control. Especially also if you draw a lot in connection with your work. Here you can also advantageously choose light bulbs that are dimmable, so that your employees can assess for themselves which lighting setting the work task requires. We would like to encourage you to explore our selection for yourself tablelamps, so you can find the model that fits your office.

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