Save on electricity – it doesn't have to be difficult

At a time when inflation affects every corner of our daily lives, it is certainly not unusual to search for tips on how to save money on the various expenditure items. In this post, you can find out how you can save on electricity and thus on the total electricity bill. These are not only tips that you can use in difficult times, but to a greater extent tips that you can make a habit of to achieve even greater savings in the long term.

4 tricks to save on power consumption

When it comes to saving tips, good advice is fortunately not expensive. You can follow quite simple rules in your everyday life that will have a positive effect on your electricity costs both immediately and in the future. Here you get an insight into some of the best savings' tips that every consumer can implement:


  • Fully fill the washing machine and dishwasher: Small but consistent changes can have a big effect on your electricity bill. Remember to fill the dishwasher and washing machine completely before running it and try to wash your clothes at a lower temperature. You will find that the high temperatures are not always necessary.
  • Cover pots when boiling water and cooking: For many, it is quite natural to put a lid on the pots when cooking, while others do not use the lid, so that they can better keep an eye on the food. If you do not use a lid, you extend the cooking time and therefore the amount of energy that must be used to prepare the food.
  • Switch off devices that are on standby: TV appliances, electric kettles and computers that are on standby (and thus is neither on nor off, but just snoozing) still consume electricity. In fact, a new study shows that every year it costs Danish consumers millions of kroner to have their appliances on standby. Therefore, turn them off instead of letting them slumber.
  • Choose LED light bulbs for your light sources: LED-lys is a sustainable form of lighting that saves you a lot in the long term. They are cheaper to operate, and they also have a significantly longer lifespan than typical light bulbs. If you switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED, you will be able to experience a saving of up to 70% on your electricity bill.


There are several great savings tricks out there, but these four are a good and easy place to start.

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