Create romantic lighting in your home with these tricks

When creating romantic lighting in the home, it is important to have the right lighting. The right lamps for the purpose are designed with the correct angles, so that the light can create the romantic atmosphere that you want in your home. The main rule is:

The lighting must be warm and low so that the lamp can create the romantic lighting.

When romance is to be created, avoid bright and cold light sources, as these will only illuminate the room and create clearer lighting.


Endless possibilities for romance with light

Candles are always a winner when you want to create romantic lighting. It is a classic, and probably the first thought for many people when they think of romantic lighting in the home. But, there are many more options than that. Romantic light can easily be created with both lamps and bulbs. At Lumega Home, we develop lighting for consumers who want lamps that not everyone has in their home. The shape, material and light output are carefully designed based on our vision to create unique lighting in your home. Our lamps are made in different designs, colors, and materials, many of which have the gentle, light romantic expression.


3 tips for creating romantic lighting with lamps and light bulbs

If you are in doubt about how to create romantic lighting at home, here are a few tips. It doesn't take much to follow them, so it doesn't get any easier to create romance in the home.

  1. Choose to decorate the wall with wall lamps. Wall lamps like Thora Wall lamp or Saga Wall lamp is shaped so that the light is gently navigated and focused towards the wall.
  2. Choose a pendant that emits light through colored glass. Drop Yellow is a perfect ceiling lamp that can be placed throughout the home.
  3. Hang string lights. They produce weaker light than ordinary light sources, and they can be placed almost anywhere in the home.

Invest in dimmers so you can turn the brightness up and down at home. It is the perfect tool to create romantic lighting when needed. At the same time, it is also a preferred solution for switching between softer and sharper lighting.

And then it is a really good idea to buy an Edison light bulb, which is a suitable candidate for creating warm lighting.

Romantisk belysning

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