Create the right atmosphere with lighting in the living room

good lighting in the living room

The living room has many facets, but most importantly it must function as the family's gathering point. There must be room for you to stretch your legs and have quality time. But how do you make the living room a good setting for this very important quality time with the family? Read along here and get a few tips on how to use lighting in the living room to create just the right atmosphere.


Which lamps should you choose for the living room?

In the living room, it is natural to have several different types of lighting. There must be ceiling lamps for general good lighting in the living room, but there must also be mood lighting and reading lights. That is why there are many different lamps to choose from when you need to find lighting for the living room.

For example, you can choose wall lamps. Wall lamps are used for many different purposes. They can function as cozy lights and reading lights, and at the same time there are many decorative wall lamps. This gives you the opportunity to choose a wall lamp that fits perfectly with the mood you want to create with lighting in the living room.


How do you place the lamps in the living room?

In order to create the desired atmosphere with the help of good lighting in the living room, it is important that you think about the placement of the various lamps. In the same way that we think about the placement of our furniture, we can also think about the placement of the various light sources.

In the living room, you must of course have a light source that lights up the entire room. To create a cozy atmosphere, you can supplement this with smaller lamps all around. You can e.g. place a lamp by the sofa group. Here, a floor lamp can be an obvious choice. In addition, you can also place a light source in the reading corner, this is how varied lighting is created - giving you the opportunity to switch it on and off according to changing needs.


How do you get more light in a dark living room?

If you want lighting in a dark living room, there are several tips on how to create light in the room. It goes without saying that more light sources contribute to more light, but there are also other things that can contribute to making your dark living room cozier and less heavy.

For example:

  • Keep walls and ceilings in light colors
  • Take advantage of the natural light with light curtains
  • Use mirrors to reflect light

In the end, it is the entirety of the room that completes the decor, but it is your light sources that tie the room together and create the right atmosphere.

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