Easy way to change the cord on the lamp

It is not impossible to replace the wire on your lamps yourself. It may be that you have found a fantastic lamp in a thrift store, but you want to equip it with a more colorful or simply a more contemporary wire. Working with electricity can be dangerous, which is why it is important that you know how to do this properly and safely. You can learn more about it in this post.

DIY: How to change the wire on your lamp

Here you will get a step-by-step guide on how to change a wire yourself at home:

  1. You will need the right tool. You need a wide flat head screwdriver. A screwdriver with a straight notch simply means a straight, pointed screwdriver and not, for example, a Phillips screwdriver. And you need scissors and possibly a voltage tester.
  1. You must start by turning off the power. Pull the plug out of the socket or completely turn off the power on your group board if it makes you feel safer.
  1. Take out the light bulb and loosen the screws that hold the socket in the lamp. Then unscrew the copper wires and wire from the socket and remove the old wire.
  1. Now feed the new wire up through the lamp. Cut lightly around the top to remove the insulating layer. Now the two wires will be visible, and here you again have to remove the insulating layer that sits specifically around the copper wires, so that the copper wires are visible.
  1. Now the copper wires must be fed into the socket, they must be screwed in place in the same way as you loosened the original ones.
  1. Finally remove the socket and put your light bulb back in, and then you have changed the wire on your lamp.

If you are in doubt, you should always get someone to help you who deals with power lines daily. And remember that replacing the cord on your old lamp can give the lamp a completely new look.

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