Lighting in the entrance hall - Here you get 4 good ideas to brighten up the hallway

Lighting in the entrance hall can be complicated. When it comes to lighting in the hallway of an apartment, there will most likely be sports in the ceiling or lamp sockets from which lamps can be hung. In this blog post, you can hear more about the different types of lighting that will be able to light up your hallway.

When you need to find the right lighting for the hallway, first you must take a closer look at whether there is anything hanging on the walls that needs to be lit up. It can be paintings or other decorative items that you want to be able to see clearly in the hallway. Therefore, it may be that there must be both general lighting in the hallway and a form of lighting that illuminates what you have hanging on your walls. The possibilities are many. Here we give you 4 good ideas for lighting in the hallway

Built-in or built-on spots in the corridor area

If you want spotlights in the hallway, you have to take a closer look at the ceiling. If the ceiling is suspended, it is possible to have built-in spots. The fact that the ceiling is suspended means that there is a small ceiling space of around 5 centimeters above the ceiling, which is visible from the hallway. If, on the other hand, it is not the case that your ceiling is suspended, it is a large and difficult workload.

Here, we recommend instead that you get built-on spots to create lighting in the entrance hall. With built-on spots, it is also possible to achieve a good solution with lighting in the hallway. However, it should be mentioned that with built-on spots you do not have the same opportunity to hide the cables as with built-in spots. However, you can make a cableway or similar where the wires can be hidden out of the way.

Built-in spot

Built on spot


Install a power strip

If the ceiling is fixed, you can also consider having a power rail installed, on which spots can be set up. A power strip is an obvious option if you have paintings or other things on the walls that you want to be illuminated and stand out in the hallway area. The spots on the power rail are flexible and can be positioned as you wish. This allows you to point your spots directly at the wall. There are many different types of spots for these power rails, and you also have the option to move them around after setting up. It provides great flexibility and more options for lighting in the corridor area.


Illuminate the hallway with suspended pendant lights

Another idea for lighting in the hallway is using suspended pendant lights. With this solution, the lamps are installed directly in the lamp socket. We do not recommend this solution for long corridors, as the suspended lamp will only light up the area where it sits. However, in smaller hallways and short corridors, this is an easy solution.


General lighting in the hallway

The last solution, which we will look at in more detail, is to light up the corridor area using ordinary ceiling lamps. With ceiling lamps, general lighting is created in the room, and it will therefore not be in place of spots, as they are two very different types of lighting. Ceiling lamps are available today in many different designs, so you can choose the ceiling lamp or lamps that create exactly the expression you want to create.

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