Lighting for the children's room - room to play

Lighting for the children's room is not easy. Children use light in different ways. There may be a need for lights that turn on automatically or are just easy to turn on if the child wakes up during the night. But at the same time, there must also be light that illuminates the entire room for playtime and perhaps also a reading light. There are therefore many needs that must be met.

To find the perfect light for the children's room, you must first consider where the light should be. With a ceiling lamp, there will be light in the entire room at once, which will almost always be needed. However, other types of lighting are also important in a children's room. It can be a wall lamp above the bed, which can be used both if the child wakes up in the night, but also for reading. There are also different types of lamps that can provide a pleasant light before the child goes to sleep. As parents you must be aware of which color light you choose. Light in a warm reddish hue will, for example, make your child calm down more quickly, and it can easily be switched on during the night, where it will contribute to a better night's sleep. Conversely, bluish lighting will create a restless night's sleep, so be sure to avoid this.

When you need to find the right lighting for the children's room, our best advice is to always focus on your child's needs. Then you will probably find the right lighting. Below we give you advice on which different trendy lamps will be obvious for the children's room. There are both lamps which can be on all night, and lamps for more general lighting.


Animal lamps for the children's room

The children's room is your child's room, and therefore you should think about what your child likes. Many children are crazy about animals, which is why you can, for example, invest in a lamp where animals are involved in one way or another. In 2022, there are plenty of trendy animal lamps on the market, so you can go for an animal lamp with your child's favorite animal. For example, you can choose THE MONKEY LAMP HANGING wall lamp By Seletti, where a monkey holds the bulb in his hand. In our own range you will also find a lamp that is shaped like a rabbit. This lamp will certainly also be a huge hit in the children's room, where design is not taken up in the same way as with us adults. Rabbit, as the lamp is called, is a table lamp which stands on the table and give a cozy look to any children's room.

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Ceiling lamp for the children's room

Every child's room should have a ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp must ensure that the room is lit up so there is an opportunity to play in the room. When you are going to choose the right ceiling lamp for the children's room, you can go for a lamp with a diffused milky white expression. The reason why the milky white expression is a good idea, is that many children are sensitive to bright light, which is reduced by choosing milky white rather than a bright white light.

There are many different types of ceiling lamps. Both lamps that hang down in the room, but also lamps that are built on the ceiling itself. Always take the size of the room into consideration so that you find a lamp that can light up the room. A ceiling lamp with a diffused expression that will suit the children's room well is the Indochina Offwhite Pumpkin lampshade from Oi Soi Oi. Here you get a lamp that can light up a room without being too bright.


Buy lamps for the children's room that can be left on all night

If your child has difficulty falling asleep in a completely dark room, it is a good idea to invest in lamps that can be left on all night. For a lamp to be able to stay on all night without disturbing your child's night's sleep, you need to move away from ordinary standard lamps. Instead, you should go out and get hold of a definite night lamp. It can be, for example, the Cloudberry Castle night lamp, which comes in a rabbit figure or a Trousselier Ballerina Lantern. Both can be left on all night, so they can create extra security for your child.

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