Lamp trends 2023 - This is how we want to light up our rooms in the new year

The new year has taken its first, baby steps, and there are some clear trends and tendencies that come with it. In this post, we will give you an insight into what are expected to be and remain lamp trends in 2023, so that you can learn how we all choose to light up our spaces in the new year. Find inspiration for the lighting in your home or your office environment with examples from our range that speak directly to the new year's fantastic lamp trends.


Natural materials are the new variety in 2023

We find ourselves in a time when both private and business operators place a great value on inviting nature inside. Nature is home to a multitude of breathtaking materials that give both calm and elegance to interior design, and therefore there is no reason to believe that natural materials will not become a clear lamp trend in 2023. Here we would recommend you to explore our MARBLE series, which, as the name suggests, uses marble to create a unique lighting object. Marble is a natural stone, and therefore none of our lamps from the MARBLE series are exactly the same – so you get a unique piece of nature into your home or office when you choose a lamp from this series.

The "floating" lamps - a play with gravity

In continuation of the fact that natural materials have become the new variety, there are more and more people who demand lamps that possess a certain lightness and minimality. For many, nature is a place that exudes calm and well-being, and therefore the minimalist and light style is also a lamp trend that we expect to see a lot more of in 2023. The "floating" lamps play with gravity and contribute to a special atmosphere, where it is possible to play without the interior suddenly starting to make noise. Here we can recommend a lamp like the Caja lamp from our range, which is a beautiful and minimalist pendant that has mixed a strict graphic expression with an asymmetrical composition. The large cavity between the bulbs and the frame gives the impression of a floating lamp that definitely plays with the rules of gravity.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting

Sustainable energy and sustainable design are undoubtedly a fixed part of the lamp trends that we will see more of in 2023. It is both about using sustainable materials for the lamp construction itself and, of course, using energy-saving light sources that benefit both you and the environment excellent. You should definitely make this part of your decor in 2023.


Sculptural lamps that are a statement in themselves

Lamps are of course not just a source of lighting – they are a decorative part of your personal decor, and exactly that personal decor plays a role in lamp trends for 2023. Make bold decisions with your lamps in 2023 and find sculptural lamps that are a statement piece in your interior design. Here you can advantageously look towards our drop pendants in the colors Noir, Gold and Rainbow, where a drop-shaped glass shade has been given carefully selected colors according to the trends of the time, which provides a fantastic play between the material and its organic form.

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