Lamps for a kitchen island

4 suggestions for lamps above the kitchen island

All those who have a kitchen island will tell you how amazing it is. And all those who don't have a kitchen island but dream of one will tell you the same thing. It can be a fantastic design, unique in the kitchen and therefore this must of course be supplemented with the perfect lamp match. The kitchen island attracts attention by being in the middle of the room, and therefore there is no reason to compromise with the choice of lamps for this. A lamp above the kitchen island should be just as attractive as the kitchen island, therefore, here you have ample opportunity – and a good excuse – to make more risky and playful decisions regarding your light source. In this post, we will give you 4 ideas for lamps that are perfect for the kitchen island.


Suspended, linear lamp – the stylish and elegant solution

If you want an elegant and functional solution that illuminates the entire kitchen island without requiring four different spots, then a linear and suspended lamp is for you. It is an attractive lamp that, without making too much noise, makes the kitchen island the center and gives you the perfect light for cooking. In our range you will find such a lamp – Marble Linear. It is a minimalist and elongated lamp that, with a combination of marble and brass, gives this stylish pendant a very special edge.


Stylish, organic lamp – a dimmable and beautiful solution

Our Winthers-lamp is a classic, round lamp that is ideal for above the kitchen island. It has an exclusive look in brushed brass, which guarantees a clean and simple expression. When you choose this pendant, you get a lamp that can illuminate the entire kitchen island without looking heavy and demonstrative. If you therefore dream of an elegant and organic lamp for above the kitchen island, then this is the perfect match for you.


Modern lamp with classic design – our latest addition

Our new Caja-lampe looks incredibly good in rooms with high ceilings and has a classic and graphic style with its three round glasses. This lamp is eye-catching without being noisy, and the combination of the frame itself and the thin wire makes this pendant seem light and floating.


The drop-shaped and characteristic Drop lamp – the decorative solution

If you want a beautiful and playful installation without compromising on light efficiency, then our Drop-lamps are the ideal choice for you. Here you can advantageously choose 1-2 of the drop-shaped lamp to hang above the kitchen island, and it is available in a blue, a soft yellow or light brown shade. The organic teardrop shape gives a calm and light atmosphere to the kitchen island, while the color nuances help give edge to the interior.

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