Get through the winter happier: 3 good tips to prevent winter depression

There is nothing unnatural about mood and energy dropping when the dark months are upon us. Light has a fantastic, positive effect on our mood and our ability to sleep and therefore generate new energy. It is because light is an indispensable part of our ability to produce serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. That is why light is also used as a natural medicine against winter depression, and many people have experienced an enormous effect from e.g., light therapy. In this post, we give you three good tips to counteract winter depression or simply bring more joy and light into the dark months.


Sunshine vitamins and exercise

The biggest shortage in the winter is sun hours. Since sun hours are very important when it comes to raising serotonin levels, it can be a great benefit to remember extra vitamin D during the winter months. You can find plenty of vitamin D, which we naturally produce when we get sunlight, in fatty fish such as mackerel, herring and salmon. Although it is not typical to eat at Christmas time, you are therefore wise to add it to your diet plan. When you are hit by a lurking winter depression, you can feel lousy and tired, but if you are ready to get rid of it, then exercise is alpha omega. It's hard to get started, but once you do, you'll be rewarded in more energy and increased joy, which is the perfect antidote to winter depression.


Light therapy – a shortcut to more light in everyday life

One of the most effective "cures" for winter depression is light therapy. It takes the form of a lamp, which you can buy from Matas and elsewhere, and which acts as a shortcut to more light and therefore joy in the winter months. It is most ideal to use it in the morning to ensure a good start on the dark mornings. In addition, you can use it during the day, for example when you eat lunch, read or work. It will give you an energy and light boost, which you can naturally transform into happier days.


Take a last-minute trip to the southern sun

Of course, the best shortcut to more natural light in the winter months is to travel to it. At a time when it's hard to keep your spirits up and you're drawn to bed, a trip to the south is the perfect attack on a lurking winter depression. It doesn't have to be that big! Take an extended weekend with a bargain trip and get all the natural sun you can get.

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