Decorate the home with beautiful lighting

Learn more about lighting in the home

Lighting can affect the interior in many ways, and therefore there are also many options for those who want to use lighting in the home. Interior lighting in the home is more than just putting a lamp up somewhere. If you use the lighting and consider your placement of lamps, good lighting can contribute positively to your interior design and complete the aesthetics of your interior design.

However, it is not always easy to create optimal lighting in all rooms of the home, which is why we at Lumega Home give you a few tips on what to consider.


Choose the right color temperature in your lighting

When you must choose the right lighting for your home, it is first and foremost important that you think about the color temperature of the light source you choose. In some rooms, it is natural with a slightly colder light (3000K or 3500K), while other rooms require a warm light source (2200K – 2700K). For example, many choose a slightly colder room lighting in the kitchen and bathroom. The reason for this is that these are rooms where it is important that you can see what you are doing. It is light with a slightly colder color temperature.

You can get many different lamps where you can adjust the color temperature. So regardless of whether you want a free-hanging light bulb, spotlights, or something completely third above the kitchen table, by choosing a slightly colder color temperature, this can be the perfect lighting.

Warm light is more relaxed. Therefore, it fits well as general room lighting, but especially also in the living room and other rooms where you want a cozier atmosphere.

Choose a lamp according to the function of the room

Another consideration you can make to find the right lighting is to think about what the room will be used for. This is of great importance in relation to what will be good lighting in the room in question. It is somewhat related to choosing the right color temperature but is also about the right placement of lamps.

Choose a lamp according to the comfort parameter

Are you looking for room lighting with space for relaxation? It can, for example, be the living room. Then you must think about the fact that both the placement of lamps and the lighting itself must contribute to coziness. You can do this both by choosing the right color temperature, but also by thinking about which lamps you choose and how you place them in the room. Here you can e.g., choose floor lamps or beautiful table lamps, which both add something aesthetic to the room, but also create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Other lighting concepts such as lamps with indirect soft lighting can help create a cozy and artistic expression in the room.


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