Good advice for cleaning your marble and brass lamps

At Lumega Home you will find a large selection of lamps in many different materials. You can find lamps in materials such as marble, brass, and glass. The material from which the lamp is produced is of great importance for the expression the lamp creates, but also of great importance for cleaning. Depending on the material your lamp is made of, there are different ways to clean it. Read along here and learn more about how to clean marble and brass.

Cleaning of marble lamps

Marble is a beautiful, natural material created from limestone and millions of years of geological processes. Marble helps to create a fantastic expression and gives your lamps a very special look. When it comes to cleaning, marble is a bit more demanding. You cannot simply wash the material clean with ordinary water and soap. It requires special means if there are stains on the material.

A simple method to remove stains of marble lamps and other marble objects is as follows:

  1. Mix baking powder with water.
  2. Pour the mixture onto the stain and let it work for a few minutes.
  3. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe over.

Now the stain is gone.

Important: Never use an abrasive sponge on marble, as this can cause scratches and destroy the beautiful look that marble has.

rengøring af marmorlampe

Cleaning brass lamps

If you have brass lamps in the home that have become dirty or have a stain or two, it is also important not to use an abrasive sponge. There are countless methods to make your brass lamps and other brass objects shine again.

Here we look at two of the possibilities:

  1. The first solution is to leave the brass lamp in a mixture of citric acid and soapy water for an hour and then clean with clean water.
  2. U can also use ketchup. Ketchup has a high acid content, which is why it can also be used to clean brass lamps and other brass items. The ketchup, like the lemon and the acid mixture, must be left on the lamp for an hour, after which it can be removed.

Now you have beautiful shiny brass lamps again!

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