Does your home feel dark? Choose the right light for your home

There are many things worth considering before choosing new indoor lights for your home. A light bulb is not just a light bulb, the location is not just random, and the design should match both your needs for size and shape as well as the interior of the home. If you also feel a little overwhelmed by the lamp universe, then luckily you have come to the right place. At LUMEGA Home, we work daily to service private individuals across the country in finding the perfect lamp match for their home. In this post, we will give you a guide to finding the indoor lamp you and your home are missing, so you can shut out the darkness and welcome the light.


Get the sensation of natural light with the right light bulb

You can easily be tempted to go to your local supermarket and choose the first light bulb that fits. However, you can just as quickly come to regret it. Different light bulbs give off very different light, and there is a large variation between how well they reproduce color. Color rendering refers here to the light bulb's ability to reflect natural light and therefore also let your interior appear in its natural colours. Here you can look at the light bulb's RA value, which will be reproduced on the package. We recommend that if you are looking for an indoor lamp that gives the feeling of natural light, choose a light bulb that is between 80-110 RA. Then you are sure to get the most optimal light from your lamp.


LED lighting is the economical choice

When you are looking for the right light bulb for your indoor lighting, the RA value is not the only important thing. You are also wise to choose an LED light bulb. It is simply common sense. LEDs use up to 80% less energy than the old incandescent and halogen light bulbs, and they have an extremely long life. It is therefore both a relief for your wallet as well as your CO2 footprint.


The right lamp

Now for the fun part – the lamp itself. Here, there is not as much technical that you need to pay attention to, as when you are shopping for the right light bulb. It can be difficult to put your finger on what the right indoor lamp is, which is why we at Lumega Home have a wide selection in which you can hopefully find inspiration. Here you will find indoor lamps such as pendants, spotlights, and table lamps. Choosing the right lamp is a matter of taste, and if you can't choose between your favorites, you can always combine them and achieve a completely unique expression.

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