Get more light in your everyday life

Light is a life-giver and an indispensable part of the home, its atmosphere, and your indoor climate. Precisely because it is such an essential part of the home and therefore the family's everyday life, it can be difficult to create a lighting arrangement that you are genuinely happy with. Fortunately, our good advice is not expensive – in fact it is free – and in this post you will get tips and guidance on how to get more of the right light in your everyday life.


3 good tips for more and better light in the home

There is a completely natural reason why we are generally happier in the summer than in the winter. The right amount of light in everyday life increases our productivity, our energy level, serotonin level and overall well-being. Therefore, you also have to give it an extra thought when you have to create the right lighting in the home. Here is our best advice:

  • Choose dimmable light sources: Rooms in the home can have very different functions, and so should your light. The easiest way to achieve this is by choosing dimmable light bulbs, so that you can have warm and atmospheric lighting in the living room, while the light in the work office is whiter and stronger. In this way, you also make the rooms in your home incredibly flexible, as you can change the light setting according to what activity you are doing in the given room.


  • As a starting point, have min. 3 lamps in each room: To get more light in everyday life, it is important that you create the opportunity to increase the amount of light where you are. The easiest way to do this is to have min. 3 lamps in each room depending on their sizes. Here you can mix different light and lamp types to direct the light more easily to a specific place in the room instead of always switching on all (often white) spots.


  • The lumen value as well as the RA value are important: It is easy to get a little confused when you stand in your supermarket and look at the wide selection of light bulbs. We recommend that you choose a light bulb with an RA value of between 80-110. It will give you the most natural light, and it will therefore also reflect your surroundings in their natural colors. In addition, you get more light in everyday life by choosing light bulbs with a higher lumen, as the lumen indicates the power of the light.

With these remarks in mind, you have a very good foundation for getting more of the life-giving light in everyday life. If you are still in doubt, you can always contact us for further guidance.

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