Get 4 great ideas for the perfect Christmas present in 2022

There are now many good (as well as bad) suggestions for what to give to the man or woman who has it all. In this post, we've collected some of our lamp favorites so you can give your friend, brother, or colleague something everyone can appreciate – light. A lamp is an incredibly versatile Christmas gift that the recipient can use in connection with getting reading light by the sofa, effective work light for the home office or perhaps to create more life in the entrance hall during these dark months. The possibilities are many, and it is therefore difficult to go wrong with a lamp as a Christmas present that brings light, aesthetic edge and increased function to the home. Here you will find our 4 suggestions for the perfect Christmas present in 2022.


An organic lamp with a beautiful color shade

Our Drop Coffee-lamp is a pendant that we are very proud of. It is a glass pendant with a beautiful organic drop shape that is eye-catching without making too much noise. It is a gentle lamp that in this color shade leaves a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room, and it can be used both as a pendant and a table lamp. In other words, a sure winner for Christmas 2022.


An elegant, stylish and slim pendant light

If the recipient of your Christmas present lives in a classic modern home, our Vera-lampe a safe choice. It is an elongated, black matte varnished pendant with a stylish expression. It emits a pleasant white light, which makes it ideal in an unimaginable number of settings, e.g., over the bedside table, in the entrance hall, at the dining table or over the kitchen island. In other words, it is a good match for a classic home that values ​​quality and elegance.


A playful and beautiful table lamp

Is the recipient of your Christmas present new parents, owners of a home with a lot of woodwork or just quirky people? Then our Rabbit-tablelamp the perfect Christmas present. As the name suggests, it is a rabbit in white ceramic that gives this lamp its shape. Specifically, a rabbit hiding its head under the screen. Here, the focus has been on creating a lamp that amazes with its shape, but which due to the choice of material and color blends beautifully into its surroundings.


A luxurious pendant in green marble and brass

Our Marble Slim-pendant has a tactile and luxurious expression that combines both play and class and is therefore the perfect Christmas gift for the couple who have it all. This pendant distributes the light downwards and is therefore ideal for the bedside table, reading corner or kitchen island, where you want to bind the light to a single surface.

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