The right height for your lamps

If you are going to hang new lamps, it can be difficult to find out how high or low they should be hung. Read along in this blog post, where we guide you to find the right height for your lamps.

The correct height depends on location

There is no correct answer to how high a lamp should hang. It really depends on where the lamp is placed. Lamps have different functions in the different rooms in the house, and the desired function of the lamp has a great impact on how high it should be hung. So, before you decide how high your lamp should hang, you must consider what you want to use the lamp for. Should it illuminate an entire room? A table? Or should it be used as a reading light?

lampe højde over spisebord


Hanging lamps in the different rooms

There are different rules for how high a lamp should hang in the different rooms. If you are going to hang a lamp above the dining table, the recommendation is that it should hang between 55 and 75 cm above the dining table. 55-65 cm for small lamps and 60-75 for larger lamps.

If the new lamp is to hang above the kitchen table and function as a work light when you are cooking or cleaning, it is recommended to hang it approximately 75-80 cm above the table. In this way, the light will reach further, and you will get good lighting in a larger area.

A lamp above a coffee table can also be difficult to place. First, it must hang high enough that you don't bump your head into it. In addition, it must not disturb the view of the TV or people sitting on a sofa opposite. However, there are often more needs to be met in a living room in relation to lighting. Therefore, you may want to consider using different lamps. Some that light up and others that light down. In this way, you make the room seem larger and at the same time also create a cozy atmosphere.

Lampehøjde over arbejdsbord


The last piece of advice in connection with the height of lamps is that lighting in an office should hang at a height of at least 120 cm. At the same time, you can try to place the desk strategically so that light comes in from the side. That way, you can see your work without getting disturbing light in your head.

General recommendations for those who want to hang lamps

If you are going to hang more than one lamp in a room, we recommend that you hang them at least 80 cm apart. It is always a smart idea to try out different heights so that you can find a height that suits you and your needs.

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