The biggest lamp trends in 2022

In this blog post, we take a closer look at which types of lamps are currently popular. Many new suppliers have entered the market, and this means that we have moved towards a new form of design. Because even though we are in Scandinavia, which is in many ways unique in relation to lighting, recently there has been more lighting that is clearly inspired by a more futuristic style. Read this blog post and learn more about how to decorate your home with the newest and trendiest form of lighting.

The Danish tradition of lighting

In Denmark, there is a tradition of warm and pleasant lighting. This is evident in many of the completely classic lamps. For example, the lamp designs that we know from Poul Henningsen, PH, are best known for hiding the light source, but at the same time ensuring that the lighting is effective where it is to be used. With this type of design, Poul Henningsen tried to design a lamp where the light is functional, and the lamp shows a solid Danish design language. Both when the lamp is on and off. Today it is rare that we see expressions as complete as back then, but there are many Danish designers who use lighting in a completely new and different way than Poul Henningsen and other classic designers.

Danes generally spend a lot of time choosing the right lamps for the various rooms in the home. There has been a much greater focus on putting together different lamps. Both floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps and much more. The combination of all these types of lamps gives lighting in Danish homes a whole new meaning. Now it is not just an ordinary pendant lamp, but instead the lamps are combined so that together they create the desired expression. But due to the many options, it can also be difficult to make the right choices. At Lumega Home, we have written other blog posts about choosing lamps for different rooms, which you can benefit from reading. Read here: guide to choosing a dining table lamp.


A large selection of pendant lamps

Today, many choose lamps based on the material. In 2021, brass was at its peak, and almost all the trendiest lamps came in some form of brass. In 2022, however, we see other trends. Of course, the market is still characterized by brass, but now there is a greater focus on the color of the lamp rather than the material. The development in relation to colors is not a new idea. The color choice has only come into focus, as it is a smart way to add color to a room. Right now, there is particularly high demand for pendant lamps in light colors, as they often bring something nice to a room and are relaxing for the eyes. Marble has become more popular and comes in several different colors, so you can choose the right structure based.

Another thing that will really hit in 2022 is front glass in milky white. In this way, many lamp designers accommodate the new trend in smart lighting. The advantage of milky white glass is that the light source cannot be seen and does not dazzle, but at the same time you have the option of even lighting. Smart Lighting can, for example, be Phillips Hue or other types of light sources that can be controlled via smartphone. It offers completely new possibilities and is a fantastic opportunity to control the lighting entirely on your terms.

Some of the lamps that are already a hit in 2022 include the clam lamp from Fritz Hansen. Here, several functions are available in the same lamp, and it is both smart and innovative.

Another sure winner is PH's own retake on the well-known PH 5 lamp. Recycling is super modern and especially when PH 5 is involved. Therefore, you can safely invest in this fantastic classic.

Another lamp that it is hard not to mention among the big trends of 2022 is Gubi with their multifunctional suspended pendant with a multitude of options.

As said, brass lamps cannot be avoided in 2022 either. Here you will find our own Winthers lamp, which is still one of our best-selling lamps. The lamp is functional with both direct and indirect lighting, which at the same time creates a pleasant atmosphere above a dining table.

Winters messinglampe


Modern table lamps

Table lamps are interesting lamps that can create a cozy environment in any room. Both in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and the children's room. Before you buy a table lamp, you must assess what the purpose of the lamp is. Is it a reading lamp? Or should it be part of the general lighting in the room? If the table lamp is to be part of the general lighting, we recommend that it is a supplement to another type of lighting, as a table lamp by itself will have difficulty creating proper light in a room.

When it comes to the leading trends in table lamps in 2022, there is no doubt that it is the material and the base of the lamp itself that are of great importance. There have also been many new table lamps with rechargeable batteries, which many see as being incredibly functional, as it creates more flexibility and increased possibilities for using table lamps. Here we take a closer look at the latest trends in table lamps.

First is Verner Panton table lamps still a hit. These lamps do not need much introduction, and they are found everywhere in Danish homes. This is a particularly trendy lamp in a simple design, which therefore also fits in well with the Scandinavian design language.

Another lamp that should be mentioned is the Bon Jour lamp from Flos. Flos is of course on the bandwagon when it comes to innovation in table lamps. This is a slightly more daring design, but at the same time in the style of the futuristic look, which we definitely will see more of in 2022.

A final lamp is the table lamp from Artemide. Here you get a classic office lamp, which is extremely functional and fits perfectly into the home office. The lamp has a simple design, but is available in different colours, so you can get a lamp that fits perfectly into your home office.


Wall lamps

Wall lamps are not used that often, as this type of lamp often requires a bit extra. Because what do you do with the cord? And should the cable be placed along the wall or have power from behind? It is not always possible to hide the cord, and perhaps this is the reason why many people do not choose this type of lamp. But if you have the opportunity to install wall lamps in just the right way, these lamps can create a fantastic expression in the home. They are available with both indirect and direct lighting, and there are many great decorative wall lamps which can help put the finishing touches to home decor. In this part of the blog, we take a closer look at them wall lamps, will be a huge trend in 2022.

When it comes to wall lamps, it's hard to get past Nuura. This lighting company is quite young, but has created fantastic products that fit perfectly into the Nordic design universe. The products are functional, but also highly decorative. You will find, among other things, the Lila 12 Optic lamp, which creates fantastic aesthetic lighting.

A third wall lamp we will mention is a lamp designed by Louis Poulsen. This lamp suits the Nordic environment very well. For example, above a kitchen table, where you want a lamp with a pleasant warm white light. However, the lamp can also be used in other rooms. It can be in the hallway or in the living room. There are many options. In addition, the lamp comes in several different trendy colors, which is in great demand in the Nordic design universe.

If you want to stand out a bit with a different wall lamp, you can choose a lamp where animals are involved. These lamps are extremely popular on social media, and at the same time there are several designers who try their hand at these lamps. It is both a lamp for you who love animals, but also for you who just want to add a little humor.

As I said, there are a multitude of different types of wall lamps, and we have given you our take on which types will be trendy in 2022. But in addition to specific wall lamps trending, we also see a tendency to work with light on new ways. Work is being done with indirect lighting, and we are sure that we will see a lot more of this in 2022. In our range you will find, among other things, our own Saga wall lamp, where you cannot see the light source itself, but only the light that hits the wall. In this way, a completely unique light is created in the room. Saga Væglampe - Ø12 cm – Lumega Home

Saga Væglampe - Ø12 cm


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