Dimmable light bulbs are good for the environment - how and why?


A dimmer works as an additional function for your light sources. You get the option to turn the strength of the light up and down. What happens is that the dimmer can control the electrical voltage, and when the voltage is adjusted down to a lower level than 230 V, which is the normal level in the sockets, the light will get weaker.



Which type of bulbs you should get depends mostly on your need for light. There are dimmable halogen light bulbs, LED light bulbs and energy saving light bulbs.

However, halogen light bulbs are often the most obvious choice. When the light must be controlled via a dimmer, you must be aware that not all dimmers can control LED and energy-saving light bulbs. However, both LED and energy-saving light bulbs are also suitable for dimming, but this typically requires a dimmer which is intended for these types of light bulbs and is therefore adapted to the electronics and power consumption in them. If you are in doubt about the type of dimmers that can be used together with an LED or energy-saving light bulb, you can always contact us. We guide you to find the right solution.

An advantage of LED dimming is that it can work in two ways, as you can get dimmable light bulbs with and without dimmers. It does not necessarily require a switch, as the dimmer function in some LED bulbs can be built in. This gives you a smart solution where you can dim light sources in the home using an app or remote control. And of course, also with the traditional dimmer switch, if you want this instead.


Dæmpbar pære - læs om alle fordelene


There are many advantages to choosing a dimmer for the home.

  • A dimmer allows you to create pleasant lighting and a cozy atmosphere.
  • If it's dark outside, but you still want some lighting without it being too much. By turning down the brightness so that the lamps do not hurt your eyes, you can eat at the dinner table or relax in front of the television completely undisturbed.
  • It is also extremely useful in situations where you require a strong light. This could be in connection with homework, where you want proper lighting so that you don't strain and damage your eyes to see.


Another big advantage of getting a dimmable light bulb is that it is possible to save money. When you dim the lighting, you consume less power. Therefore, you save money on the electricity bill. The fact that you save money is not only good for you, but also for the environment.

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