5 good ideas for lighting in the bookshelf

There are many ways to illuminate a bookcase, and the right solution depends on the type of bookcase. Many shelves require one type of lighting, while fewer shelves require another. We often recommend LED lights, as this type of light takes up less space than other light sources. This is an advantage, as it means that the light source can be built into the furniture. At Lumega Home, we have helped many customers get the perfect bookcase with light, and we would like to share that knowledge. That's why we've collected five of the best pieces of advice for lighting in bookcases.


1 - LED rail under each individual shelf

In bookcases with shelves that float on the wall, it can be difficult to open the bottom shelves. One solution is LED rails with LED strips, which are placed under each shelf. It is a complex solution, but perfect if you want light on all shelves without shadowing.

There are many ways to install LED rails. If you want to avoid cables completely, it is necessary to mill the rail into the shelf itself. However, it is a bit more complicated. If the shelf is made of metal assembly glue or double-sided tape is typically used. When the rail is mounted, the wires are led out in one of the sides, where a cable duct is typically used, so that the wires are hidden away. If you need LED rails, we at Lumega Home have contact with a manufacturer who specializes in different types of LED rails. This way you can get the perfect shelf light.


2- LED rails with battery and sensor

Another solution is also LED rails, but rails which instead work with a battery and sensor. It is a smart solution for cupboards or racks with clothes, as the light will switch on due to the sensor when the door is opened. In addition, there are no wires, and it is extremely easy to just mount the rails with double-sided tape. However, a disadvantage can be that the batteries will be used up quickly with regular use, just as the brightness is not that strong. Therefore, it is recommended to use LED rails, which are connected to power, if a stronger light source is needed.


3- Ceiling Rail above shelves and chests of drawers

If it is a bookcase or chest of drawers, you can benefit from light from above. This is done by mounting a power rail in the ceiling, which is mounted directly in a lamp socket. A power rail is available as a 1-phase or 3-phase power rail. The difference is whether all the lights are switched on and off at once, or there is the possibility of different switches. A 1-phase power strip is often used in private homes, while a 3-phase is used in shops and the like, where many spots are needed.

When there is power in the ceiling track, you can install spots in the track. Always be aware that the spots and rail must fit together. There are many different types of spots, and you can get spots with a warm light and a good color reproduction. This way you can get the shelf light you want.


4 - Wall-hung spotlights

The fourth suggestion on how to best light up your bookcase is with the help of wall-mounted spotlights. With this solution, the arm itself is installed on the wall with the spot out at the end. The advantage of this solution is that all shelves are illuminated. At the same time, you get a minimal shadow effect, as the rail has just moved out from the wall.


5 - Furniture spots

The last option to get a bookcase with light, involves furniture spots. Furniture spots is available in many different sizes and is probably best known for sitting under kitchen cabinets. The biggest advantage of these furniture spots is that they are typically delivered so that they can be built onto the furniture or built into the furniture.

It is easiest to build the spot on a piece of furniture. Here, the lamp is simply screwed into the shelf itself. If you want built-in spots in your bookcase instead, which are a little more discreet, it will require a little more. Here you must ally yourself with a carpenter or other person who has good experience with milling into shelves. After space has been made for the spot, the lamp is mounted in the same way as a lamp that needs to be built on.


That is why you must choose LED lighting

For all 5 commandments, it applies that LED lighting emits very little heat. Therefore, no fire hazard in your shelves or cupboards. At the same time, LED lights are both compact and small, which is why there is a good opportunity to build this type of light into your shelves or cupboards.

When you start the search for the right products for a project with lighting for shelves or cupboards, you must always look at the light quality. We recommend that you choose 2700K with a color rendering of 90Ra, as with this light you get a warm and pleasant light. If you are looking for a cool expression for a drawer, for example, you should instead choose 4000K or even 5000K, where you get a bluish light.

If you would like further guidance within shelving, you are always welcome to contact us at Lumega Home. We are always available and will guide you in choosing the right lighting.

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